Sentrong Pamilihan "Procy"

Sentrong Pamilihan

Sentrong Pamilihan is located at Maharlika Highway Brgy. Sampaloc 2, Sariaya, Quezon. More commonly known as “Procy”, it was established in the year 2004 as a Foundation by the Former Representative of the 2nd District of Quezon and Former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, Proceso J. Alcala. Its primary goal is to form a Centralized Marketplace wherein farmers can sell all their harvests in bulk.


                Coming from humble beginnings, SPPAQFI started out as a small market with few tenants and operating only a few hours a day. It then started to develop popularity and encouraged more traders and farmers to partake it its transactions. It created livelihood and a means of income for many traders, farmers, laborers and business people within and without the locality. Today, it boasts a 24/7 operation which hosts over 1,800 farmers, 200 traders and 50 employees which accommodates over 200 Metric tons of produce every single day.

                In pursuit of lending its help to a larger audience and to also improve its services to its stakeholders, SPPAQFI has now ventured into the Online Selling Platform to broaden its market reach. By providing the public with a greater level of accessibility to its resources, it’s opening doors of opportunity for sellers and consumers alike.

More about Sentrong Pamilihan

                It is comprised of the Farmers of the Sentrong Pamilihan Farmers Association and the Sentrong Pamilihan Traders Association, both of which are duly registered with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

Farmer Benefits:

Marketing assistance

SPPAQFI receives Farmer produce daily, which is then handled and marketed by the SPPAQFI marketing department for selling to its established market of buyers.

Harvest pick-up assistance

SPPAQFI lends it logistics department’s man power and vehicles to aide our farmers in the transportation of their produce from farm to market.

Loan assistance

SPPAQFI lends it assets to its members in the form of a loan program to provide a means of start-up and/or sustainability to its member’s harvests.

Technical assistance

SPPAQFI’s Farm consultants provide the members with the necessary recommendations and knowledge regarding the different aspects of planting e.g. insecticides, planting seasons, market information etc.

Forced savings

Farmers are automatically deducted ₱0.50 for every kilo of their harvest. These savings are then released to the members every year end for their benefit.


Deceased members are given a fund from the contributions of their fellow members as a form of support.

SSS coverage assistance

Thru the Alkansssya Programme, SSS makes it more accessible and convenient to its members in remitting their monthly contribution.

Crop insurance

Members are given assistance in claiming crop insurance from the Philippine Crop Insurance Corp. (PCIC)

Scholarship benefits for the member’s children

Farmer’s Children are given an opportunity to avail a scholarship worth ₱15,000.00 per semester from SPPAQFI.